April 2013
In the first construction stage the frozen storage capacity was 6000 ton, but now a decision has been made to increase with further 8000 tons, bringing the total frozen storage capacity to 14.000 ton.

Februar 2013
The product of mackerel, herring, blue whiting and capelin has been nearly 60.000 tons.

December 2012
The production has been nearly 40.000 tons.

August 2012
The first vessel, Tróndur í Gøtu, came with the first load of mackerel – 800 tons

Januar-July 2012
In January 2012 they went underway to build the plant, and first in July the first test of the plant was made.

December 2011
Late in 2011 the Faroese veteran in the pelagic industri Varðin P/F together with the bottom fish company Delta Seafood decided to build a new full automatic processing plant in the southernmost island og the Faroes. With this factory Varðin Pelagic is able to control the quality of the fish all throughout the value chain, from the fishing area to the market.